Treatment options for interior office windows

(December 13, 2012) - Proper treatments for commercial interior office windows offer several benefits to the business and its employees: they can enhance the workplace’s appearance, create a more comfortable environment for those inside, and promote energy efficiency. Luckily there are many options of interior office window treatments to choose from that cater to the company’s specific needs, some of which we will explore.

Blinds come in a wide variety of styles and materials, including wood, faux and aluminum. They are an affordable option, easy to maintain and can be adjusted with the tilt cord to control incoming light.

Shutters offer a traditional, classic look. They can be made with wood, polyvinyl and even flame-retardant materials. Noise reduction acoustical shutters are an option for offices that want to block outside sound and keep the workplace environment quieter.

Drapes offer both function and beauty by keeping light outside while also enhancing the interior visual aesthetic of the commercial office. Businesses can choose between manual and motorized track systems. Cubical curtains are a popular option for healthcare and institutional facilities.

Interior Office Windows with frosted film Window films protect the interior of the office from fading by blocking heat and light. 3M’s new engineered sun window films have a proven cost savings of thirty cents per square foot or more in annual electric costs, so businesses can save big on their energy bills. Custom frosted films allow businesses to create customized graphics or patterns on windows to enhance the overall look of the office, or can be used to create more privacy for interior rooms.

Window Interiors offers all of these commercial interior office window treatments and more. To discuss the right coverings for your business, please give Window Interiors a call toll-free at 1-800-654-9818.

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