Tips on ways to save money when using blinds

(January 22, 2013) - Whether it’s a restaurant, hospital or retail store, every building owner wants to save money and increase profits. Here are a few quick tips to help you do both when using blinds.

Be sure to keep blinds in the lowered position resting on the sill. It’s important to control incoming light with the tilt cord as well. Doing so will benefit you by: Blinds

  • Providing maximum heat and glare control, which enhances visitor comfort
  • Eliminating the employee time needed to raise, lower and keep all blinds level with respect to each other
  • Simplifying maintenance to gentle dusting with a soft dust cloth in the closed lower tilt position

Here’s another benefit of blinds you may not be aware of. Sunlight’s ultraviolet (UV) rays damage furnishings. In time, UV rays will fade flooring, furniture, upholstery and artwork. Prolonged exposure weakens fabric fibers, causing them to become prematurely worn. By keeping the direct light controlled with blinds tilted upward you protect your investment, while adding to the ambiance and comfort of your building’s visitors. You benefit from real energy savings as a result of controlling the heat or cold from the glass.

By keeping the blinds lowered with easy access to tilt the blind slats upward, the light is off the tables and allows light into the space. When the blinds are completely lifted we lose all the energy efficiency and UV protection that they offer.

To summarize, keep your window blinds down and use the tilt control. You’ll reduce costs and increase comfort of those inside the building.

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