The hassle of unprotected windows

(November 12, 2012) – Studies show that unprotected windows:

  • Allow maximum daylight penetration and allow minimum energy savings
  • Allow maximum heat penetration and increased demand on the HVAC system when in direct view
  • Allow maximum glare and excessive contrast
  • Produce too much horizontal illumination
  • Provide direct view of the sun

It is fairly obvious that the windows must have some form of protection at peak times. If not, all of these consequences will lead to the fact that windows are the greatest source of wasted energy in any facility. That is because heat always moves from warm to cold areas.

Energy efficient window treatments are the best way you can help your client’s business conserve and reduce utility bills. Solar shades act as a barrier to heat flow, trapping air between the shade and the window, saving money on energy costs. Check out our products page to see our entire selection of window treatment options and find out which ones are right for you.

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