Nordstrom to Feature Latest Fashions in Solar Window Shading

Window Interiors has completed installation of solar shades at new St. Johns Town Center Store

The new Nordstrom department store will showcase the latest in green fashions including cooling fabrics designed to actually move in unison with the sun.

We are not talking about the elegant clothes on the racks at the St. Johns Town Center store opening in October. The light fashions are energy efficient, elegant window systems that provide panoramic views yet block out the sun’s harsh glare and tame energy bills. Window Interiors of Orlando has completed the installation of the massive solar shades on three sides of the department store.

Despite their 48 foot width, the new window fashions are decidedly understated. Eric Stapp, Chief Operating Officer of Window Interiors, said the new shading system may even go unnoticed by thousands of shoppers when the store opens in October. “They won’t notice the glare. They won’t notice the Florida heat. But if they shop long enough, the patron will see them move and it is pretty cool to see indeed.”

nterior view of the shades installed for Nordstrom.

nterior view of the shades installed for Nordstrom.

The solar shades at Nordstrom are part of an emerging trend in commercial buildings where the blinds work in tandem with the building operation to reduce the need for excessive lighting and can cut energy bills.

The 65,000 square-foot Nordstrom building has three monster windows facing the north, south and west. With Florida’s signature sunshine and resulting heat, the building was in need of window shading to lower energy bills and prevent glare.

Window Interiors installed sun activated shades, custom wired to be operable by a building management system. The operating system is the Lutron Quantum Hyperion Building Management System. With this system, shades can be programmed to operate at specific times of the day and can alternatively be programmed to operate solely by the azimuth of the sun.

The project began in February of this year and was completed this month. The Nordstrom’s grand opening is scheduled for October 11, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Window Interiors specializes in the installation and service of solar shades and window treatment systems for all types of commercial buildings including; hospitality, offices, apartments, hospitals, and many public buildings. The firm has clients across the country and offices in the Orlando and Tampa area.

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