Choosing the right treatment for your windows

(October 11, 2012) – The truth is window treatments impact a building’s comfort and costs. Certain window treatments can help you save energy while reducing heat and glare, optimizing comfort for those inside – all the while enhancing the overall look. Here we will explore the three popular window treatments for buildings: blinds, window films and solar shades.

Blinds are an affordable option and easy to maintain. If left in the lowered position, you can use the tilt cord to control incoming light and block harmful sunlight and UV rays from entering and causing flooring, furniture, upholstery and artwork to fade.

Window films are another product Window Interiors offers that is a good choice for the energy-conscious consumer. Our 3M’s new engineered sun window films have a proven cost savings of thirty cents per square foot or more in annual electric costs.

Window films promote energy efficiency by blocking heat and light from coming through, which also protects the interior from fading. For those buildings located in Florida and along the east coast, Window Interiors can install specialty window films to protect your building from hurricanes. For interior spaces, we can do custom frosted designs as well.

Installing solar shades is another popular option, and for good reason too – solar shades are good for your business and the environment. They reduce glare and heat, and can even decrease energy costs by at least 15%. They are also UV resistant, flame retardant and antimicrobial. Window Interiors offers select styles that are available with 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials that can have a 20-year life span. That’s twenty years of savings on your energy bills.

The Window Interiors WI Shades are our own custom-made solar shades fabricated and manufactured entirely here in the USA. They’re the result of more than 20 years of superior craftsmanship and our commitment to developing excellent products. We use Phifer Sheerweave GREENGUARD fabrics which will help you achieve LEED Gold certification with the U.S. Green Building Council.

If you need help deciding which window coverings are right for you, call Window Interiors, the window covering specialists, toll-free at 1-800-654-9818.

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