Windows are the greatest source of wasted energy in any facility. In many climates, high temperatures and strong sunlight warms buildings enough to demand up to 50% more energy usage from air conditioning units. Window coverings that insulate and reflect heat make a huge difference in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Energy efficient window treatments are the best way to conserve energy and reduce a buildings overall energy usage. Solar shades act as a barrier to heat-flow, trapping air between the shade and the window and in return saving you money on energy costs.

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By blending the use of natural light with electronic light reading, solar shading can reduce overall energy costs, provide solar protection, and maintain a naturally lit and welcoming indoor environment. Window Interiors and MechoShades provide ingenuitive and energy-efficient solar shading solutions through the use of many different techniques. These techniques include the minimizing of glare and solar radiation while preserving the all-important view to the inside. By fostering natural daylight, electric lighting is minimized and energy is saved.

New York Times Building
One of MechoShades largest solar shading projects is The New York Times Building in New York City. Throughout the building, windows are covered with motorized solar shades that automatically respond to outdoor light conditions. Sensors search for glare and lower the shades to dim the incoming natural light. In addition, the building’s indoor lighting independently and automatically adjusts light levels, working organically with the solar shade automation. Studies done after the install of the new shades found that the headquarters saved 43% on lighting energy, 23% on cooling energy, 22% on peak-day energy and 24% in total energy.

Solar Shade Facts

Distinctive Characteristics:

  • Solar shade fabric allows diffused natural light to shine through, helping to reduce interior fading and lessening the need for interior lighting resulting in reduced energy bills
  • Breathable solar shade fabrics block significant amounts of UV rays
  • Solar shades’ translucent fabric allows you to see out while offering exterior privacy

Exceptional Quality:

  • Select shade fabrics are antimicrobial/antifungal and fire retardant
  • Select shade materials are stain resistant, fade resistant and easy to clean with gentle wiping and mild cleansers
  • Shades have a long-life and can be expected to remain in service for 20 years or more
  • Warranties of 20 years are available for some cloths

A Greener Tomorrow:

  • Select shades offer the first ever GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® window fabric awarded by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute under the GREENGUARD Standard for Low Emitting Products
  • Select shade fabrics are made with 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials — a major advance in ‘green’ fabric technology
  • GREENGUARD is a requirement reference in the LEED™ Commercial Interiors Rating System