Anniversary Memories: Window Interiors Moves to Head of Class with University High School

Some people go to school to get their big break -- we got ours at school.

As Window Interiors celebrates our 25th anniversary, we remember the special partners who helped our business grow and succeed throughout the years. And one of our most memorable partners was University High School.

In the summer of 1989, Window Interiors was a one-woman shop looking for an opportunity. University High was being built on what was then the edges of metro Orlando.

One day our phone rang and it was a construction contractor working on the high school project. They wanted to know if Window Interiors could complete a job which had been left behind unfinished by another company.

Founder Sandi Saft toured the project and discovered much work remained. The window coverings still needed to be measured, ordered, fabricated and installed, with the school starting in just one month.

Window-Interiors-25-year-anniversary-logo-300x113It would have been a tall order for even a large firm. But Sandi worked night and day to get the job done before the school bell rang.

University High School became the first major commercial job handled start to finish by Window Interiors. This opportunity proved to Central Florida’s contractors, architects and engineers that Window Interiors could handle bigger and better things.

A job well done at University High led to our next big project at Valencia Community College as a subcontractor for Brasfield & Gorrie general contractors. We have also subsequently been awarded other significant contracts from the Orange County Public Schools, thanks to answering the call and doing the job right the first time.

Know that you can trust your project, large or small, to Window Interiors, the number-one resource for contractors, commercial designers and architects looking for the leading solutions in environmentally-friendly window treatments.

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